“Don’t think about things, just do them; don’t predict them, just make them.” Ray Bradbury 

This month I stopped thinking

by Rachel on July 29, 2013

Years ago, when the Washington Nationals still played at RFK stadium, I was at a baseball game with one of my friends.

He made the comment that I was surrounded by drama. Before I threw my coke in his face, he went on to say that I wasn’t dramatic, but drama was drawn to me. Like a drama magnet. Ick.

In the past month, I’ve been 493284% more productive.

Here is some of what I have accomplished:

  • Increased the number of clients I work with
  • Started working out twice a day
  • Posted a blog post every week day

Unless something magical happened when I started watching House of Cards (it’s possible) or when I turned 33 earlier this month –  the only explanation for my increased productivity is the (near) elimination of drama.

Not the drama from people around me. I eliminated that over a year ago.

The big difference came in my life when I eliminated my internal drama. I had a A LOT of internal drama. Fueled by perfectionsim; resulting in procrastination.

I over-thought EVERYTHING.

171137394 200x300 This month I stopped thinkingOver-thinking is drama.

Over-thinking is procrastination.

The perfect website. The perfect tagline. The perfect business. The perfect workout plan. I thought about EVERYTHING.  I implemented nothing.

I thought about what steps to take next instead of taking them. Ridiculous.
I tried to figure out how to do something by thinking about it.  Impossible.

There are times to think. There are times to do.

This month: I stopped thinking and started doing. 

I am getting things done faster because I just do them.

Need to respond to an email? I don’t stress about the words. I write them.

Time to workout? I don’t worry about it all day. I just do it.

Have to write a blog post? I just write (then rewrite and rewrite and rewrite).

It blows my mind how much time I wasted hanging out with my over-thinking internal drama queen. I threw away money and time. 

The distracting, pesky internal drama queen is still there.

I don’t think she will go away completely, but I have figured out how to shut her up.

When my internal voice says “you don’t know how to do that” or “that won’t be very good” – I just throw myself into that task.

When my energy is on the task at hand, I am not thinking “I can’t do it”.

“Don’t think about things, just do them; don’t predict them, just make them.” Ray Bradbury 


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