The simple no-fail way to prioritize your day

The simple no-fail way to prioritize your day

by Rachel on July 25, 2013

Many, many moons ago, when I started my business, I was terrified to market myself.

I was *attempting* to be a real estate agent, and did not like the idea of selling to my friends (what I was advised to do – more on that in another post).

Instead of marketing, I set up the best contact system in the universe.

It synced with everything*

It had labels galore

It was cross referenced

And color coded.

 *This was before everything synced; prior to iPhones and Androids – in the age of Treos and Blackberries

There were THOUSANDS of names. Perfectly organized.

I did everything I could with my contacts. Everything except calling, emailing, sending a letter or any other form of communication. 

When my contact system was perfect. . . I realized that my office was not suitable for all the clients that were sure to come storming in the door.

I spent time and money perfecting my office. Furniture. Art. Obviously important stuff (Sarcasm font).

I did all this expensive busywork, while procrastinating on the most important thing – generating revenue.

The most important thing is generating revenue.

That is the priority. Each and every day.

Do revenue generating things first.

Go through your to do list, and put ‘#1’ next to everything that brings in the moola.

Get the #1 items done.

Do not procrastinate on the crucial items in your business and fill your day with low priority minutia.

You will feel amazeballs.

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