Your key to social media success

Your key to social media success

by Rachel on July 17, 2013

Earlier this year I heard the CEO of a successful social media training company speak on the keys to growing your business with social media during a conference.

She discussed increasing engagement on your Facebook page by asking questions, using photos, etc.  She featured a photo similar to this:

 Tide photo for post 163x300 Your key to social media success


She pointed out the amount of comments, likes, ect. All great.

Then she said something that startled me:

“These companies don’t care about you and your joke input. But all these people comment, thinking a company like Tide cares”.


The person handling your social media HAS to care about the jokes people write. The questions they ask and the comments they make.

These are your customers. Instead of walking into your store, they came to your Facebook page. It might be virtual, but the interactions are real.

To use social media to grow your business, you HAVE to care about what happens there.

Whether you handle it yourself, have a full-time employee, or outsource it to an agency. The heart has to be there.


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