The dark side. Part Deux.

The dark side of competition: Part Deux.

by Rachel on July 12, 2013

Earlier this week I posted about the Dark side of competition.

I realized there is a second problem to focusing on pounding everyone else into the ground.

When I am focusing on beating someone else, I play down to their level.

This is common in sports. You will see an amazing football team ‘play with’ mediocre teams for a quarter or two; sometimes longer. Instead of playing at the level they are capable of, they play like the mediocre team. Fans get astounded and coaches angry.

I do this. It never ends in feeling happy with myself. It is like being beat by a 5 year old at checkers (which has never happened to me, but I imagine it would be pretty humiliating).

There is a key to stop playing down to others, and all the negative parts of competition.

Stop competing with others. Only compete with yourself. Do 5 more pushups than you did the day before. Run the mile a little faster.

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