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How to be remarkable

by Rachel on July 31, 2013

Yesterday I wrote about remarkable advertising. Earlier I wrote about the importance of being remarkable.

Lovely – but how do we do it?

Being remarkable is in the eye of the beholder. What you think about yourself, your widget or service is irrelevant.

The only thing that matters is what your customers think.

Meaning: What they actually think. Not what you think they think.

Hint: you have to talk to them. Because the difference between reality and the conversation in your head can be shocking

Just like being interesting starts with being interested in others – being remarkable starts with listening to your customers.

What they want, what they need.

You have to get deeper than age, location, gender. You have to get to the psychological make up of your customer.

  • What’s her biggest fear?
  • What’s success for her?
  • What keeps her up at night?
  • What does she daydream about?
  • What is her nightmare?
  • How does she use your product?
  • What does she think your product is missing?
  • What would be the perfect solution for her?

Once I worked with a start up whose goal was to revolutionize software for restaurants. One of the founders had a restaurant ‘on the side’ – so to him the most important thing was seeing how the restaurant was doing from his work computer, his phone, his ipad.

He started targeting people ‘like him’ – the ones that owned one restaurant.

He thought that because that was his problem, that was the problem of all people that owned one restaurant.

He was wrong.

The biggest problem for most people who own one restaurant is not seeing data when they are not present. Their biggest problem is getting away from the restaurant.  I know, my parents owned a restaurant when I was a kid; basically I grew up at our steakhouse.

For this segment of restauranteurs, the time saving benefits would save time in bookkeeping and inventory management made the product more valuable.

For people/companies that own many restaurants, combining the financials as they need is more important, so targeting these restaurant groups with the virtual features was a smarter strategy.

Assuming your customer is like you can be a fatal mistake. Maybe they are, but you won’t know until you listen.


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