Don't add to the noise

Adding to the noise

by Rachel on August 7, 2013

It’s no secret that we have a ton of information floating around. All this information is distracting.

“Studies of office workers who use computers reveal that they constantly stop what they’re doing to read and respond to incoming e-mails. It’s not unusual for them to glance at their inbox 30-40 times an hour (though when asked how frequently they look, they’ll give an much lower figure).”


Unfortunately, a lot of this email isn’t new information.

Recently google made a change to it’s email policies. This change resulted in a ‘promotions’ tab.

Emails that gmail deems to be promotional (including the 34823982339 lists you subscribe to) may end up on the ‘promotions’ tab, and not your regular inbox. This is a voluntary change – you can choose to not have it (I do not).

I received 23285235 emails from 23285235 email lists about this emergency . . . because of course I want to make sure that I continue getting all 23285235 in my ‘regular’ inbox and not my promotions inbox.  I don’t want to miss a thing.

I subscribe to many, many, many more newsletters and email lists than a normal person. It is crucial for me to know what others are doing so I can advise my clients to make the best decision for themselves and their customers or  I’m just a marketing nerd. Believe what you want 🙂

Even normal people (non-me peeps) were bombarded with these stupid gmail messages from a million marketers.
And I’m sure none of them cared. I’m sure after the 5th one, even the most patient were annoyed. Then they might have unsubscribed to everyone that sent a similar message.

Here is an example message:

gmail changes 300x187 Adding to the noise

There are three big problems with this message:

  • It was written from the point of view of the marketer (oh no – even less people will read my email, and everyone else is doing it – I must too)
  • There is no value to the reader. Readers need to be reminded about why they want to read your stuff.
  • It is just like the other 23285234 emails I got – with uglier colors. It isn’t unique.
James Altucher 1 300x189 Adding to the noise

James Altucher: He did a great job alerting his subscribers of the Gmail change.

Be Better

  • Be different. Don’t follow what everyone else is doing.  
  • If you have to send out a similar message – include it as a minor point in a bigger message. Hint: a post script or as an intro works well. James Altucher did a great job of this.
  • Get super fancy, and only send it to your subscribers that use gmail. You still have to follow the 2nd bullet first. 🙂

Simply, don’t add to the noise.


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