About Unboxify:

In an amazing post, one of my favorite writers, Penelope Trunk, said that someone once told her that “should” isn’t a word in Spanish. Whether it is or isn’t is not the point. Consider the freeness of a world without ‘should’.

Think about how many times a day you say that you ‘should’ do something – it’s never a good feeling right??  It causes guilt and other pretty yucky, unhelpful emotions. That word “should” be eradicated from our language – and our thoughts.

I don’t have a ‘regular’ job and haven’t since 2007. Money fluctuates sometimes, but I don’t wake up with an alarm clock most days – and that more than makes up for it. I am in the process of selling most of my stuff and heading out on the road; being truly nomadic. It’s a path I’ve been heading down for a while. I’m not sure how long I won’t have a ‘real home’, but it works for me now.  My dream home is an airstream trailer because its mobile, not a huge mansion. I like to think that is more because I want to be mobile than something from my Arkansas heritage coming out.

I’m not a pioneer in living this way – for centuries people have bucked the system. From Zheng He to Elizabeth Jane Cochran.  Today there is Tim Ferriss, Tynan, and countless others. In a world of conformity, I think there is more than enough room for one more person who is doing something different.

Unboxify is a place to share:

  • • Lifestyle design and living the way you want. I hate the term ‘lifestyle design’ but because people know what it means, I’m lowering myself to using it here.
  • • Amazing stories of how other people live – different cultures, ideas, etc. I am going to interview artists, entrepreneurs, travelers, and regular Joe’s and Jorge’s that have something meaningful to say and are doing something different.
  • • How to make being a modern-day gypsy work.  I will show you what has worked and not worked for me.  You not sell all your stuffs and hit the road full-time, but there will be useful tips for minimalism and entertaining stories about what happens when you lose your driver’s license and don’t have a real home (coming soon).
  • • Making money on the road and a bit of marketing 🙂 That is how I make my money . .
  • Getting out of your box can be as big as spending a month in India or as small as taking time to be compassionate to a stranger.
  • I believe that life is an adventure. My life is my adventure. My biggest goal is to help or inspire you live yours the way you want as well.

William Ernest Henley‘s poem, Invictus (Latin for unconquered), was quoted by Nelson Mandela to empower other prisoners and is just as powerful when you apply it to your own life:

I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

How magical and freeing is that? Stop doing what you think you should do, and live the life you want. Hang out with me while I do the same.

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