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Rachel Stivers New profile bw 300x255 About meI am a strategy and marketing consultant that specializes in helping business owners bring their business vision into reality. A lot of times this is marketing strategies and the roadmap to implement them. Sometimes it is being a soundboard of what your vision REALLY is. Learn more about the process here.

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Why I do what I do:

I love business. I am passionate about business. While a lot of little girls dreamt of their future wedding day; I dreamed of my future business and writing :).

I see all the potential in the businesses around, the unrealized vision of the founder – and can create a plan to get the business there. My strengths are in taking an existing business or process and making it awesome:

  • More sales
  • More profits
  • More time

I also firmly believe that work isn’t everything. I have done that – made my life revolve around work. Each and every time, it resulted in self destruction. 

I believe that we are all free and should live that way. Freedom looks different for every person. Some want to write on the beach, others want the time and freedom to train for Ironmans.

Whatever your dream, there is a way to weave your life together so you aren’t driving 200 mph to burn out.

How did I learn to do what I do?

I started working in my parent’s restaurant when I was 8 years old – because I wanted to. I loved seeing how they managed it, and studied the management manuals that my dad had. (I was quite the nerdy one)

I am really blessed to have a wide range of professional experiences – I started my career at the #1 place to launch a career, Deloitte.

Also, I got an in-depth look into a lot of different companies and industries. I learned:

  • How they managed their employees
  • What they did well
  • What they could have done better
  • So much more.

Since then I have developed my marketing and consulting skills. 

  • I have worked with and in more than 25 industries. In any industry, the most growth happens from adopting strategies outside the industry norm.  I use my experience to help my clients grow quickly.
  • I genuinely love helping people with their businesses. Helping other people live their dreams is part of my dream
  • I have managed small interactive teams to large consulting teams with more than 100 members
  • Designed and orchestrated marketing campaigns and product launches resulting in more revenue generated in 2 weeks than the entire previous year
  • Assisted clients in growing businesses from $0/month in revenue to greater than $10k/month
  • Developed sales strategies that resulted in a greater than 20% close rate
  • I have launched brands and beat all revenue goals
  • I have launched FB pages, going from 0 > 14,000 in less than 3 months and 0 > 6,000 in 2 weeks. And yes, these pages generated a significant amount of the company’s revenue.

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